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Lee Stone

Photos: 264
Video: 2 hrs 39 mins
Birthday: Jan. 12
Ethnicity: White
Hair Color: Brunette
Body Type: Muscular

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Lust In The Limo
Lust In The Limo
Here is something almost unbelievable: Rich guys with millions of dollars need to hire hookers to get some action. (Yeah, cause the fact that they are rich just doesn't cut it with your average gold-digging slut. They have to pay for sex.) But, we are not going to argue with that since most chicks believe this to be true thanks to the magic of the movie "Pretty Woman". So in an effort to keep up that Cinderella-esque ideal that if a girl is pretty and charming enough, it overshadows the fact that she blows many, many cocks for money and a rich guy will save her from the streets.