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Aiden Boyd

Video: 33 mins
Birthday: Nov. 5
Ethnicity: White
Hair Color: Brunette
Body Type: Average

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Droppin' It Like It's Hot
Droppin' It Like It's Hot
When we first saw Lavish we thought she looked like pop chanteuse, Rihanna. You know, the chick that sings that Umbrella song. Well, we imagine that the conversation between her and this John went something like this: "You look like Rihanna," "Yeah, people tell me that. Want me to suck your dick?" You'd have to be nuts to refuse that offer.
The Boom-Boom Room
The Boom-Boom Room
Alexis is a big-titted hooker. She is a really good hooker. She is like the Bruce Lee of hookers. The kind of ho that you know really loves her job.