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100% Real Hooker

Featuring: Rachel Love and J.T.
Date: 06/19/2020
Duration: 17:14 min.
Rachel Love is a nasty, raunchy, slutty hooker. She sucks dick for money. She gets slammed for cold, hard cash. She gives up the pussy for pesos. You get the point, right? What we are trying to say is that this chick fucks. She isn't your "movie-style" hooker like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman." Nope. You won't have to woo her and pay her an outlandish amount of money to make your life better with her charms. Fuck that. You won't have to treat her to fancy clothes and take her to glamorous parties so she fucks you like you deserve. You won't even have to ride off into the sunset with her to get her to swallow your load.

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