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At the COCKwash

Featuring: Soleil Hughes and Joey Ray
Date: 09/07/2020
Duration: 11:57 min.
What's the fastest way to get a dirty girl wet and horny? Give her a sponge and tell her to wash your car. Nothing excites a horny bitch more than a long hose and the idea that she might just get naked right out in the open. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. Just to prove a point, we gave Mocha-Titted sweetie, Soleil, a bucket full of suds and pointed her in the direction of this dirty car. Within minutes, she was scrubbing and sweating up a storm in the warm weather. When she said it was hot, we conveniently suggested that she hose down. And boy did she. She got soaking wet within seconds and kept on scrubbing that fine automobile until it sparkled. Then, without so much as a second thought, she whipped her heavy cans right out of her bikini top and let them soak up the sunshine. And since those sweet sucklers where out in the open already, she even put her jugs on the glass for that extra squeaky-freaky clean.

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